Graffiti U - Keith Urban

Graffiti U

Keith Urban

  • Genre: Country
  • Release Date: 2018-04-27
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 15

  • A Hit Red Records/Capitol Records Nashville Release; ℗ 2018 Hit Red Records, under exclu


Play Title Time Download
Coming Home (feat. Julia Micha 3:33  
Never Comin Down (feat. Shy Ca 3:34  
Same Heart 3:36  
My Wave (Intro) 0:28  
My Wave (feat. Shy Carter) 3:32  
Parallel Line 4:13  
Drop Top (feat. Kassi Ashton) 3:44  
Way Too Long 3:15  
Horses (feat. Lindsay Ell) 3:37  
Gemini 4:09  
Texas Time (Intro) 0:10  
Texas Time 4:51  
Love the Way It Hurts (So Good 3:21  
Female 3:15  
Steal My Thunder 7:16  


  • Love this album!

    By G!! R!! E!!A!! T!! !!!!!
    Great job, I like every song!
  • Growing

    By dmartgal
    This is a fantastic album. If an artist cannot grow, then he or she should just wither on a desert. Again Keith Urban has given us some great music!!! Country music is made in the modern world now, not in a barn. Without Keith, there are millions of fans who would not listen to country. No country star can play a guitar like him nor sing like him, although they try. Keep it up Keith, you are the best!!!!
  • Great Fantastic album

    By pt511
    I’ve been around forever but have never made a comment here but have to now! This album is fantastic!!! Keith has an incredible voice. He pushes the limit and shines through. Woo hoo, Keith!!!!
  • Thank you Keith Urban

    By Narbona's Descendent.

    By REBEL CLaaaaaaark
    this is the best music ever
  • Great Music Good Tune To Listen

    By ☺️Deadly_Roses☺️
    Let just take a minute and pause for a moment Kieth Urban is slightly amazing but some people in the reviews pages are right about one thing about him being “Pop” I’m sorry if I’m being harsh a little bit clearly younger viewers are judging every younger or older artiest as a singer these day. Every now and then people need to focus on there self instead of Country Artiest plus Pop and Rock also Hip pop and many more like. I said some teenager are taking it too far a little...Like “omg!!! music need to be more grown up or more better” blah blah blah that is getting annoying and childish kiddo lol 😂Sometime I need to understood Music more then just listening to the beat from my earbuds... Now I’m going to tell you some of my fav song from this Album 1: Texas Time it got some good beat and feel the excitement to my ear to my heartbeat 💗 every time!!! 🔥 2:Way Too Long: It beautiful passion in between with “Blue Ain’t Your Color” it got ur feeling about being soo sad or how you been in love 🥰 every time he said “way too long” his vocal voices make it extra smooth and professional at the same time!!! 3.Horses: Make it extra Romantic and powerful every way as it get some time when I hear it from the radio in the car I just stop for a min and listen to it quietly and calming it all the way with the song with me such a great tune from Kieth 😊 Thank for listening to my reviews 💗💗 Enjoy your Day and Night!! Bye!!! Cya :)
  • This is trash

    By Blue_7187
    Keith needs to disappear out of country and go to some other genre. This is not country. It’s crap.
  • Seeing this in concert was the best

    By just a white guy here
    I saw this in concert for my 10th birthday and it was amazing I listen to the album literally every day
  • Graffiti U

    By CarrieFan2018
    Keith has never been all the way country. This album has its good songs and bad songs. He’s still a great vocalist and songwriter, and one hell of a performer. This album definitely leans more to the pop side, but its still good.
  • Just say your pop

    By allbfrt
    Terrible album. This isn’t country. Just go to pop so you don't get played on country radio.

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